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The sacred sexuality for couple

« There is in desire, a madness of power in the most raw state, blended with a desire of fusion of unit, which is sanctity . A couple is a paradox, the holy madness of desire», Paul Salomon

Then, how to advance, to improve in the LOVING dimension, which is the masterly way towards the “mystical cloud”?

Sex makes discover the extraordinary of the common place, because its power puts “in dance” mind, soul, thoughts from the carnal. In one of the approaches of the tantra, the carnal is not rejected (as some yogi can reject the body to purify and to keep only mind) but on the contrary he is embraced in its entirety to “move, “dance”. Deep sex has an infinite power to “warm up ” the soul of tenderness and to drive it towards the ecstasy of the UNITED. That’s why it is natural that the mystical women use to express themselves the language of sexuality and of loving passion.

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The divine love

It is the nicest because it is the one who is born of the carnal and frees himself towards LOVE. The big mystics think  sex as  divine light spread on their being.

Alone LOVE can pick up, receive DIVINE LOVE.

The tantra such as I practice it, is carried by touch in a massage which will link up the carnal body, heart and mind to raise conscience and to lavish an singular experience striving towards ecstasy.

It is a prelude to the sexual union, an alchemy of desire to exceed fast sex, the one which searches the orgasm and stops when he touched him.

My massage is not any more only group of refined technical protocols, but effusion of the feelings coming from carnal depths from one to another.

“Touch” is the delicate musical instrument to drive towards the ecstasy of the UNITED. 

Targets of this workshop

•   discover the language of LOVE across touch, towards an approach of the body in its entirety to join carnal, emotional and spiritual.

• feed the creativity of the lovers and develop their approach of the sensual body to enrich it.

• learn to listen, to tranquilize emotions, to dissolve thoughts to cultivate presence to one and to other one.

•  exceed this search of performance to go to the opening of the heart and the donation of one, progression towards the loving mystical cloud.

• link and live entirely in the feminine and in the masculine who is inside each of the lovers, to be able to receive, give and enjoy.

• break loose from all sociocultural barriers to join the pure nature of loving meeting

 ” My role is to accompany you in this search of unit and to help you in your sexual development to reinforce your couple and your breath of lovers. “

Course of an initiation to tantric massage for couples

A first verbal approach, to define waitings and needs.

A practice of touch, where I will guide you step by step to construct your loving sphere

An analysis of  feeling sustained,  to come out with new gestures which will feed your sacred intimacy.

Module 1: Initiation to the Sacred Sensual Touch

Program :

Session 1, 1 day of 6 hours : Heighten sensuality 

  • Explore the Quality of touch in the Earth / Air
  • Contrast Bring the force of the breath in the presence of the other

Session 2, 1 day of 6 hours : Immerse yourself in the ecstasy of unity

  • Explore the dynamics of water in all its states
  • Unite breath and touch

The Silk Touch®

Tantrism, touch is a privileged sense, associating it with the heart.
It reflects who we are, what we feel. In fact, it is present in all directions.
Is not taste the contact of matter on the tongue?
The gaze on the other can be soft and soften us, or suddenly stiffen us. And we also know how words can sublimate our being, but they can also be as painful as blows. ö how many scents have intoxicated us and others repelled!
Contact is everywhere.
It is intimate.
It has the power to subjugate the attention of the being and unify it.
It is quite evident in sexual union. According to Vhatsyâyana, author of the Kâma Sûtra, the sexual act is reduced to a mechanical action devoid of any value if poetry and the feeling of the marvelous are absent.
Exploring touch towards the other, through all the senses, allows us to widen our field of consciousness.
He then transforms the sexual act into an ecstatic amorous encounter; ecstasy at the sex-heart-head junction.
The dexterity of touch and the quality of presence then plunges the couple into a universe which links eroticism to the depths of the soul.

Module 2 : Awakening the couple to tantric sexuality

Program :

Session 1, 1 day of 6 hours : Explore the dance of female / male polarities 

  • Breathing technique to awaken the fire of desire
  • Accept the offering of oneself to the other, in full vulnerability

Session 2, 1 day of 6 hours : Explore “the inner nuptials” through massage

  • Wrap in the breath of the mystical couple Shiva / Shakti
  • Nourish and diffuse sexual energy

“The Inner Wedding”

In Western sexology, a fulfilling sexuality is structured around three fundamental aspects: Knowing how to give, receive, and take pleasure Tantra considers that each being has a masculine pole and a feminine pole (animus and anima according to Jung).

To find unity, it is necessary to make the pole of the opposite sex grow in oneself: that the woman develops her masculine polarity and that the man develops her feminine polarity.

The sexual act will complete the structuring of the woman and the inner man.

By associating Western thought with Eastern thought, we understand that sexuality plays a driving role in the encounter with the other.

When the ego fades to give way to sensation and emotion, sexuality becomes a game of energy where anything can be possible.

Desire is not an enemy to fight but an energy to use.

He is the spark that brings the couple together.

The key words of this workshop are: the opening of the senses, the total acceptance of life, the refinement and the elevation of the sexual experience.

Duration & rate

  • Module 1 : 23 th of june at 18h to 25 th of june at 16h



Group sessions :

720 € per couple for a 12-hour workshop,

one Module of 2 session that takes place over 2 days.
Group of 3-6 couples maximum.

or individual couple

600 € per couple for one session of 6-hour workshop that takes place over 1 days.

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