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Tantric Massage is much more than massage.

The tantric dimension does not domicile simply in the protocol of massage, but more in the internal world of the massager and its capacity to live in its touch in this quality of presence peculiar to the yogi.

Across my teaching, you are going to discover all qualities of touch, which will be the support of what your soul wants to express and to transmit.

We will enlarge your perception of the body to enrich your practice and to instill into him the energy necessary for tantric experience.

INDIVIDUAL COURSE of tantric massage in lyon


We will work around 4 themes which will be the base of my teaching.

Every session of a length of 2 h 30 includes a theoretical part to announce topic, a practical part where you will give me a massage according to announced instructions, and a part where I will give you the massage to set the course towards an interpretation of this topic.

After a debate, I will detail points to be worked for the next session, supported as well by the reading of texts which will help to include your practice, which by some tools of tantra yoga to raise your quality of presence.

INDIVIDUAL COURSE of tantric massage in lyon


  • Email follow-up for :
    • send you a summary of the teaching
    • complete the course with a bibliographic reading sheet share your feelings

Following each module, a 3-hour in-depth workshop is offered to :

  • share your experiences and bring you my expertise
  • evaluate the practice of massage on a living model, under my observation, by providing you with all the corrections necessary to perfect your practice.

This workshop is optional.


I won’t impose on any protocol. Tantric Massage leaves a place important for spontaneity so that this instant of favour could come into sight and open out.

I will help you to establish foundations on which you will rely so that your creativity could develop and bring you to a practice which will be yours.

Persons concerned

  • you are already trained in relaxation massage and want to bring a Tantra  dimension in your practice

  • you followed progression « Toucher de soie » and want to practice with your partner

Practical informations for Individual tantra massage Initiation

Discover the prices and the procedure for a Tantra man and Tantra woman practiced by Toucher de Soie®
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4 days : 2400€

Advanced workshop price

3h : 300€

Toucher de Soie®

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