Since the media talk about tantric massage, there are many tantric massage addresses. During my phone calls for an appointment, I found that many do not know the difference between a tantric massage and an erotic massage.

Some define tantric massage as a massage including the genitals. Sometimes, after a first tantric massage experience, they feel that it was not really tantric massage, an impression that something was missing, without identifying what, Or they realize they have just received a massage with ejaculation; They understood by their reading that a more spiritual dimension was to be felt..

Not simple to put just words, on an experiment, when we do not have all the information.

I will give my point of view, I do not pretend to have the inborn science, but I draw fully from my experience and that of those whom I give massage, to deduce my reflection.

Clearly define an erotic massage.

In all the massages, provided that it is lavished according to the rules of the art, the massaged person must live a true guided session towards a letting taken to awaken the energy that targets a practice of massage.

A person who goes to a Chinese massage, will need to feel the deep pressure points throughout the body including the points of tension, the strength of the pressures will cause him to let go. For others, the Californian wrap with a few pressure points will cause them to relax … For each person, a type of massage will meet their relaxation requirement.

The erotic massage will target the sexual arousal to bring, through ejaculation, a relaxation. The masseuse can be bare, underwear or dressed, whatever. It will awaken the excitement and cause you to satiate it or not. We will not seek in this practice a great knowledge of massage, but rather a control of eroticism to bring you to enjoyment, although the combination of 2 can make a very good time for the one who seeks these sensations. Of course the masseuse must be invested in not trying to get you to ejaculation after 15min when you had asked 1am. It’s like everything, there’s fast food, and there’s the big gourmet tables.

Tantric massage is a different experience of erotic massage, provided that the masseuse is itself in a tantric gait. The body, the heart and the spirit are the three foundations of tantric massage.

Tantric massage will use all possible tools (tools that differ according to the masseuse’s universe and experience), to bring you to a state of abandonment, rather than a letting go.

It works on the physical body by releasing tensions by softness and pressure points, on the emotional body by a touch full of sensuality, tenderness and benevolence, and on the energetic body by a true knowledge of the circulation of Energy and the practice of own breathing to tantric yoga.

In the tantric massage, you will find a real relaxation session, bathed in an erotic atmosphere, which aims to raise sexual energy towards the opening of the heart, thanks to this famous tantric breathing. Some testify that they have experienced an experience that they will call divine or ecstatic.

Tantric massage uses eroticism as a tool to awaken sexual fire by detaching itself from the urge to ejaculate to awaken being to forms of pleasure that far surpasses simple ejaculation.

So it’s a journey.

A first session makes you discover how sensuality and eroticism combine with the spiritual to dive inside you. The search for ejaculation will put a veil on the discoveries of this trip tantric. But if it is only a secondary effect, it is not condemned; Pathing in daily tantric practices, such as meditation, yoga, and massage, help to separate pleasure from ejaculation.

It is said that abandonment is the twin sister of trust. Choose your masseuse and fully entrust your body so that she can guide you. When you feel confident, you will abandon yourself like a child in the arms of his mother. It is from this moment that you can feel the true strength of a tantric massage … and finally work the elevation of sexual energy to a deeper … more ecstatic dimension.

Tantric massage

Tantric massage guides people to a state of meditation to exalt the senses, in a very free work of the body.
The erotic massage will be limited to arousing the sexual arousal and bringing an ejaculation.

In both practices the genitals are massaged, simply the erotic massage will bring you to enjoyment. While the tantric massage, thanks to a subtle work done upstream over the whole body, will make you discover other pleasures by detaching itself from this need to ejaculate.

After an erotic massage the man feels relieved by the relaxation of the pressure at the sexual level.
After a tantric massage, one feels full of love, and a very diffuse sexual energy in the body, totally detached from the ejaculation.

If you need an erotic massage, and you receive a Tantric massage, you will stay on your hunger without understanding the subtleties of tantra because your mind will focus on pending ejaculation.
If you are looking for a tantric massage and you receive an erotic massage, you will feel empty from the inside out. Sometimes there will even no erection, because you expect a longer and more subtle work throughout the body … masturbation is too excessive and fast for you.

After a successful tantric massage, that is when the massager is in total availability, and massaged in a total welcome, massaged feeling the benefits of this communion, hours after the session, and some show that the hard feelings several days. It all depends on what was touched and sensitized during the session.

The feeling is very personal, it is the reflection of the history of our body and the finesse of our perception.

I hope that these details will guide your choices

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