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Initiation to tantric massage in couple

Initiation couples

This tantric approach is an initiation to massage, which will allow the couple to discover, or rediscover, around a sensual touch ... A moment of complicity out of time in a warm and relaxing vibes.

In this approach of couple tantric massage, you can:

  • Learning to release you, to let go
  • Discover unknown sensations
  • Living a total change of scenery, a break with the stressful life, enjoy every moment
  • Enriching the couple's sexuality
  • Awaken the senses
  • Discover the basics of tantra ... Understand the important role of breathing to keep control or on the contrary allow to surrender
  • Explore a way to break the couple's routine, strengthen your complicity, share a moment of intimacy

Tantric couple massage is a way of honoring each other, creating beauty and love.

Practice of tantric initiation for couple

At the time of a first appointment we will have an exchange time to understand your approach and explain how the session will take place. It is important that this approach is fully desired by both partners.

The session will take place in the form of initiation. No protocol. I give you massage while your partner accompanies me in the touch so that you can enjoy a massage with 4 hands. The participation of the partner is not obligatory, it can be watcher to be impregnated of the tantric dimension in the massage, or he can participate in its way, in a total freedom. Then we reverse the roles, the massaged will become masseur or spectacle, at his will. Lightness, games of sensation, pleasure and especially letting go. A moment of complicity and sessions that will adapt to your desires and limits.


Duration of the session 1h30, 300e

Plan in your schedule 2h30: a time of exchange before the massage, a shower before and after, massage and a time for you alone at the end of the session to meet you around a tea.


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